When it comes to Bhangra it is considered to be the King of Dances but what can be more fun than adding some Bollywood to it? But, why Bollywood and how has it evolved? BollyBhangra, a new wave in the fitness industry; has been lauded by fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

Bollywood or the Hindi film industry has not only brought the art of storytelling and videography but music and dance to go along with it. Bollywood in its initial stages picked up dances from its locality, an intermix of Indian Classical dance and Folk dances it brought about a totally fresh set of moves to go along with catchy tunes.

However, later on, the choreography saw a shift from Indian dance forms to Western Hip-Hop, Salsa, and Tango. Keeping their roots intact Bollywood fused together the Indian flows and Western flamboyance to achieve great milestones in the industry.

But, Bhangra is a pure Indian dance form accompanied by singing Boliyaan and Loriyaan. Dancers usually go around in circles to the beats of dhol. The dance form is a very unique one where drummers are given a pivotal role. Costumes are restricted to bright colored ‘Patka’ for men and ‘Lacha’ for women, a long tunic, waistcoat, anklets.

It is no surprise that Punjabi songs or Bhangra have dominated the recent Bollywood scene. Undeniably, it is one of the biggest things of our generation. Most of the movies have taken to Bhangra and it has gained a significant amount of fan base.

Now, gradually it is being adopted by the fitness industry. The groovy beats at Zumba classes are majorly fusion songs, comprising tons of Bollybhnagra playlists. It is lively and easy to vibe to. So, don’t miss out on it and match your steps to the next Proper Patola (remix) with StepOut.