Even if you have no major physical ailments and get through your day without much difficulty, you still can be mentally ill. There is hardly any awareness related to mental wellbeing. Psychology says that every unaccounted-for physical reaction is the direct reflection of our mental health. So, maybe the next time you have uncontrollable mood swings or feel low make sure you reach out.

The goal is optimal mental health.

Experts say that a person who has optimal mental health can handle stress and even bounce back on their own. They maintain healthy relationships and are confident in themselves. Having good mental health, therefore, is the secret to unlocking a better life.

Mental Health depends on various factors. It can range from any bodily ailment to disturbing social/environmental factors. For example, you might not feel comfortable with the people in your apartment, or a few members of your family. You may be, fail to communicate when suffering. Sometimes, bad financial status or an unhealthy work environment can prove to be harmful to your mental health.

Give time to your mind.

Begin with small steps, and slowly you will emerge out of that hole. And, here are some quick tips that will keep the stressors at bay. However, this is not my first blog on mental health. Check this blog out before you proceed further.

1. Take proper Rest

Sleep is your best friend and never neglect it. Try getting 5–6 hours of sleep daily.

2. Stay active

Join a gym, meditate, do pilates, try HIIT. Open yourself to all such possibilities.

3. Connect with people

Connections will keep you strong and be there in your bad times. You can reach out for help whenever you need it.

4. Nurture a hobby

A hobby is an excuse to escape into your own world. It’s constructive and will bring out something very beautiful.

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