Zoom is one of the widely accepted options when it comes to hosting online meets. People recommend Zoom for various features like seamless user experience, quality of the call, user management systems, etc.

You can use Zoom for live streaming your sessions with StepOut. You need to simply link your Zoom account here with us. After that, we will automatically create a Zoom call link for each session that you schedule. Clients will receive a Zoom joining link and details on how to attend.

You can find the Connect Zoom Account button right from the Sessions Scheduling page, or from the Teach tab, as well as from the Settings tab.

As a user, you must log in and authorize StepOut’s access request, so that we can automatically create a new Zoom link for your sessions. Sign up for a Zoom account from here if you haven’t yet.

In case, you have any questions you can reach out to us on social media or at support@stepout.pro