Yoga is the way to achieve equilibrium in your life.

Yoga heals your body.

The union of physical, mental, and spiritual strength is called Yoga. Traced back to 5,000 years ago- native to India, the practice has now evolved into a cohort of mindfulness and wellness. The practice is a daily ritual system ingrained in every Indian household, ranging from the various asanas to Surya Namaskar. The sound ‘Om’ is said to echo the sound of harmony in the universe.

Yoga ensures that the mind, body, and soul are all aligned and present.

The evolution of ‘Goat Yoga’ amongst other versions of the practice is one of many fascinating manifestations.

I’m sure you’re wondering “Yoga is a boring snooze fest” That’s really not quite the case! Yoga is a gradual process of centering the mind and learning patience. It’s also about unlearning and temporarily letting go of any tension and worry.

Everybody from 80-year-old Sadhus to perky teenagers, yoga has evolved into a versatile practice that has spread across several demographics and cultures.