India’s first digital manager for freelance trainers is here! Handle all your business processes; management of classes, bookings, payments, personal branding & much more from a single place with 0% commission deduction. Sign up now and start saving your time, effort and money and still be the best trainer that you are!

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to hosting & managing sessions


Manage your profile page / landing page, social media, get valuable insights and analysis on marketing and much more.


Schedule and publish sessions, find venues or host live-stream interactive sessions with the tool, view and manage booked clients.


Manage your training career, all from one single place, hassle-free booking and payment handling, efficient client interaction.

Publish your next class within minutes
24/7 access to the tool and all your data - say goodbye to unnecessary waiting times to get your job done. Every task is just a click away with this little smart manager in your pocket.
We bet it has never been this easier and faster to publish sessions before!
Schedule sessions with ease
Confused about what timings would reap more sales? The tool analyses and recommends you the best performing times and informative insights for your category of sessions.
Automate your online sessions
Easily host online sessions with Zoom integration. Just publish your sessions on the tool once and grab yourselves a drink. Watch the tool manage all your clients with the next steps.
Find a suitable venue effortlessly
Looking for a suitable venue for your next on-location session can’t be easier with our Venue Finder. Select a space suiting your budget and make better decisions based on your Attendee Forecast.
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Live chat with your potential clients
A direct communication channel for your visitors and your clients to reach out to you!
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Accept payments and manage your finances

Receive payments made by your clients directly - in real time. Find your weekly or monthly sales overview.

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Reach potential clients

Connect and manage your social media, find partnerships or other relevant marketing related tips and tricks to attract clients.

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Share a community vibe
Join the ever-growing community of like-minded people. Let’s bring freelancers in the field of fitness, wellness and recreation together & lead the change to grow and break the boundaries as independent businesses.
Turn your passion into a profession
StepOut manages all your business processes of a freelance trainer at one place
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